Throwing A Baby Shower: Dos And Don’ts

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Is your friend pregnant? Is your sister expecting a baby? Are you excited and wondering how you can celebrate? The answer is simple: throw them a baby shower! This is customary in any part of the world and just radiates thoughtfulness and good vibes. This also brings together many close friends to celebrate the life of someone that is yet to be born! If you haven’t thrown a baby shower before, you may be clueless, and this might be daunting. But read on, and you will find that it is easy!

What to Do

The key to a good baby shower is timing. You know that a baby takes roughly nine months to be delivered – and sometimes, a baby is born premature. Before you throw the shower, know when the due date is and fix a date for the shower that is way before the last 3 months, if possible. Next, make sure to invite everyone that is important to the pregnant mother-to-be. This list may be extensive or it may be concise, but it is up to you to decide that. You can consult the pregnant mother after coming up with a list, but chances are that she will be fine with whatever you decide. Once the list is ready, you have to find a place that can house that many people. You may be interested in one or two Newcastle function venues that is big enough for your list of guests or even a family restaurant with a cordoned off room for special events.

You will have to pay attention to the location, space, allowance for decoration and the food provided as well. You can also find a venue hire that doesn’t specialize in any events but is a space that can be utilized for one none the less and be creative about decorating it. This may be a restaurant that is for children or even a high-end eatery. Whatever the place, you choose, make sure it is what you need to have the shower of the expecting mother’s dreams.

You also have to make sure that the expectant mother and her partner make a registry of gifts at your local baby supplies shop and add items that they would like to be gifted. This increases the chance of your guests buying them what they actually need without overlaps and unnecessary things.

What Not to Do

This is one very simple thing: do not put this off! Decide all logistics and do away with all concerns as early as possible so as to avoid any sort of postponement and cancellation.

Throwing a baby shower may be daunting at first, but the more methodical your ideas are, the easier it will be to get done – and of course, the mother-to-be will appreciate it very much!