How To Impress The Girl Of Your Dreams:

Having crushes or getting attracted to the opposite sex is something that is very normal because it’s part of human nature. But if we want to take that liking or attraction one notch higher we would have to do something to get noticed by that person. This article will be focused on guys trying to find effective ways to impress the girl of their dreams. Since some guys don’t really have an idea on how to make the first move, this article may be deemed helpful.

Tip #1: Always put your best foot forward- If you want a girl to take notice of you, the first thing that you should do is to be on your best behavior and always put your best foot forward. Women are particular on how you treat other people especially with elders. Make sure that you have your manners and pleasantries in check at all times and be consistent with your actions. Women do have a tendency to get flattered with small things such as bringing them a cup of coffee or a candy bar will score you plus points.

Tip #2: Take her out and have a great time- If she has agreed to go out with you, seize the opportunity to make a lasting impression. You can take her to one of the South Yarra restaurants in town or watch a movie together. It need not be expensive all you have to do is to be creative and make an effort to make her happy.If you want to keep things casual you can think of activities that is within her comfort zone and at the same time it should peak her interest.

You can try and go bowling while drinking the best craft beer in Melbourne over a plate of cheesy nachos might make her day.

Tip #3: Never out her on the spot- If you plan to ask the girl out for a date you better plan it on advance and never put her on the spot. One good suggestion is to find the perfect timing to ask her out on a date. Avoid pressuring her to go out with you, if you do that she might get the impression that you are arrogant and you won’t end up scoring a dream date with her.

Tip#4: Try something new together- Girls like guys that are willing to go out of their comfort zone and try new stuff with them. Ask her more about her hobbies and interests and look for activities that she would like to try doing such as hiking , mountain climbing , camping and a lot more in the list.