Summer Home Makeover Ideas

Not everyone can afford to have a summer holiday home now-a-day. So if you happen to have one, make sure to treasure it…! If it looks and feels a little outdated to your liking, here are a few tips to give it a worth makeover…

Give your pool a modern feel

Pools are one of the best part in holiday summer homes. Being able to splash into the water and cool off actually makes it worth while waiting to use the summer homes all winter long. Apart from giving the pool itself an update, consider giving its surrounding an update as well. clean out the greenery; plant new plants. Get comfy resort furniture and sun shades/pool umbrellas to make your snooze out in the sun besides the sparkling water a more diva like experience. Combine that with a fun pool toys and floats, and your pool will feel brand new.

Update your porch

Whether it’s a traditional porch that sits at your entrance, a porch that faces a more private part of your home, or an indoor sun porch, you can make use of it all to make your summer home feel updates. A fresh coat of paint can help any space feel new; but if you happen to have a few potted plants scattered around your porch, consider giving these pots a run with the brush as well. for the more private porches, consider updating the furniture. Cute cafe chairs Melbourne can make you feel like you are at a French bistro; right from your home! As for the sun porches, new drapes, an updates shelve of books or potted plants on the window sill can offer you a pleasant change and summery feel.

Vacuum your upholstery

Even the cleanest of us sometimes forget the amount of dust and germs our sofas and bed mattresses gather. This is particularly true if your summer home happens to be closed during the colder seasons; as is common with most holiday homes. Before you start using it for the season, consider giving it a thorough vacuum; preferably using a professional service. This not only will get rid of the dust, it will also make your mattress more comfortable; almost like it’s brand new.

Amp up the entertainment

Holiday homes are supposed to be for the fun and the relaxing. Give yourself more options to do when you are here; even for the rainy, gloomy days. For the brighter days, you always have the pool. But finding a cheap barbeque grill for the summer house will be more worth it than you think. As for the days you will be stuck indoors, consider getting upgraded versions of your childhood board games.